The ups and downs of human life are as sure as the ebb and flow of the tides, yet remain elusive and at times can be earth-shattering when they at long last arrive. Despite our efforts to rise above challenges and heartbreaks, the emotional ceiling seems low and dark, and victory over personal battles is not always within view.
        The Dark Before the Dawn, young pastor and solo artist Andrew Muller's premiere album release, focuses on the paradoxical moments spent within the darkest moments of personal experience and the journey through them to peace and understanding. From its strong shout for help in "Nightmares," the speaker awakes in darker waters and quite literally, "The Storm," all the while recognizing God's presence and promise, calling on His divine intervention for relief. The album's crisis delves from louder, prog-rock guitar-driven sounds into carefully crafted piano-based choruses and worshipful, softer examples of Muller's songwriting abilities. Not simply a worship album, but more personal than the average concept album, The Dark Before the Dawn is an amalgamation of emotive desperation and honest confessions of dependence on God.
        Born and raised on the threshold of New York City, Andrew Muller is currently a member of the staff at Living Word Church of Long Island New York. As a solo recording artist, his mission is to create music that captures the ups, downs, joys and sorrows of life, all the while pointing listeners in the direction of heaven to the hope and life that comes from God. Andrew Muller has been ministering through his music since a young age, and his years in ministry have helped him craft a worshipful catalogue of songs that are not limited to a specific genre. His debut album reflects his personal beliefs that God is faithful in every season of our lives as we look unto Him.